The future is closer than you think

20 years ago, Netscape invented JavaScript, cookies, plug-ins and SSL that soon became an integral part of the Web. They even created JSSS for Netscape 4 (if it had been standardized, we didn’t have to wait for 2 decades, not 2 years, before CSS offered calc(), media queries and variables.) Getting over a long, unfortunate plateau after the browser war, we are now seeing a truly rich user experience and interoperability on the ever-improving Web. And Netscape’s innovation spirit is living on in Firefox’s heart.

While a bunch of wonderful features are devised and implemented, some of the legacy, non-standard or insecure technologies must go. Our new Future Planned Changes section is intended to give you further insights into site compatibility.

At present, the deprecations of plug-in and SHA-1 support in 2016 are important for you. The move to HTTPS is also approaching faster, so you should act as soon as possible especially if you are in charge of a large commercial site. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”.

The modern Web is changing at a furious speed that we have never seen before. Don’t wait until your site is broken!