Welcome to our new home!

We have just rebooted FxSiteCompat.com as a one-stop Firefox site compatibility resource centre for developers. Here, you can easily browse our comprehensive compatibility documents, previously published on MDN, by Firefox version or technology category. In addition to our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages, you can now also subscribe to a site feed to receive updates. Our content is currently available both in English and Japanese. Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

With the release of this new site, the Firefox Site Compatibility project has reached a major milestone. For the rest of 2015 and beyond, we will provide more resources including better regression coverage, documentation on future Firefox changes, tips to build a future-proof site, as well as developer tools to detect compatibility issues.

Web developers are highly encouraged to contribute to our volunteer efforts by testing your site with Firefox Developer Edition and reporting any regressions found so that Firefox developers can fix the issue as soon as they can.

Together, we build a better Web!