500 documents and beyond

In the last few days, we have analyzed a couple of new bugs filed for Firefox 45, identified them as regressions, and posted documents on those issues. Consequently, our project has reached another milestone with 500 documents as of today.

That’s a big number for the compatibility reports for one single software. That’s a long journey of a legendary browser. That’s a great hope for the maximum interoperability on the Web. Simply put, Firefox has dropped the most of the non-standard, legacy features over the last several years. While it still takes some time to solve the rest, we hope you will never see another 500 documents.

So what’s next?

Within a limited amount of our volunteer time, we are going to focus on bug triage and developer relations, because regressions are constantly introduced and Web developers generally need help and information. We’ll also figure out ways to work more closely with Mozilla employees so that we can take our project to the next level.

Documents make up an essential part of our project, but we are not satisfied with where we are. Please support us by reporting bugs or making a donation!