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It is important to find and fix Firefox regressions before Firefox users visit your broken site. Mozilla is offering Firefox Developer Edition, so please use this alpha version on a daily basis to develop and test your site or Web app.

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Please report any regressions you encountered through one of the following ways:

  • Social media: Tweet us the URL of your problematic site. You can also send us a direct message via Twitter.
  • GitHub: If you have a GitHub account, it might be easy to file a new issue on our repository.
  • Bugzilla: If you have Mozilla’s Bugzilla account and can recognize an appropriate component for your issue, file a new bug directly.
  • Email: Simply drop us a line at

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If you find a mistake on our document or something not covered yet, please tweet us, file an issue, or send us a pull request directly from the “Suggest an Edit” link on each page’s footer to help us improve our useful developer resources. You can also send us a direct message via Twitter.

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