Affecting Per-domain Configurable Security Policies are no longer available

Published: | Categories: Privacy & Security


Configurable Security Policies (CAPS) of Firefox allows users to customize their browser’s advanced security settings and have different policies for different sites. Though CAPS has no user interface, advanced or enterprise users can add some hidden preferences to control various capabilities. The per-domain policy of CAPS has been removed from Firefox 29 except the script blocking (the NoScript extension offers the UI).

In order to respond to demands of enterprise users, the localfilelinks policy has been restored with Firefox 30. This allows users to follow links on a Web page (http:// or https://) to the local file system (file:///) especially on corporate internal applications. For the meantime, Firefox Beta or the caps-fileuri extension created by a Mozilla developer can be used to workaround this restriction.

The removal of allowclipboard policy support broke the copy/paste buttons on some rich text editors like CKEditor. The standard Clipboard API’s click-to-copy support will be implemented in the near future. The general keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, should always work.

Update: The click-to-copy support has been implemented with Firefox 41.