Direction-independent CSS properies have been unprefixed

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As a part of the CSS3 Writing Modes implementation, various direction-independent CSS properties for margin, border and padding, that could be used to easier support RTL languages like Arabic, have been unprefixed. Since the unprefixed properties are not just without -moz- as the table below shows, you should be careful when using these ones.

Prefixed properties Unprefixed properties
-moz-margin-start margin-inline-start
-moz-margin-end margin-inline-end
-moz-border-start border-inline-start
-moz-border-start-width border-inline-start-width
-moz-border-start-style border-inline-start-style
-moz-border-start-color border-inline-start-color
-moz-border-end border-inline-end
-moz-border-end-width border-inline-end-width
-moz-border-end-style border-inline-end-style
-moz-border-end-color border-inline-end-color
-moz-padding-start padding-inline-start
-moz-padding-end padding-inline-end

Due to a bug, Firefox 41 still shows the prefixed properties on the Page Inspector, CSSRule.cssText and other APIs. This issue has been fixed with Firefox 42.

The support for the prefixed properties will be removed in the future.