Reverted Some plug-in content may not be loaded due to async initialization

Published: | Categories: Plug-ins


Firefox 40 has enabled asynchronous plug-in initialization for a better performance, as Aaron Klotz explains in his blog post. As the side effect, specific plug-in content, such as Flash videos or games including FarmVille 2, may not be loaded properly depending on the code design. If you change the dom.ipc.plugins.asyncInit preference value to false in about:config and your issue can no longer be reproduced, it is caused by the async initialization. Developers are encouraged to file a bug while consulting the corresponding plug-in vendor to work around the issue.

Update: Due to considerable breakages, this change was backed out via the Firefox hotfix add-on updated on as well as Firefox 40.0.3 shipped on . A radical solution to the issue has been created and implemented to Firefox 41.

Update: In order to avoid conflict with the hotfix add-on, Firefox 41 has renamed the preference to dom.ipc.plugins.asyncInit.enabled while the default value (true) remains the same.