Affecting Fullscreen API has been unprefixed in non-release builds

Published: | Categories: DOM


The Fullscreen API has been unprefixed with Firefox 47. The non-standard, prefixed methods and properties are now considered deprecated and may be removed in the future.

The element.mozRequestFullScreen and document.mozCancelFullScreen methods are now element.requestFullscreen and document.exitFullscreen respectively.

The document.mozFullScreenEnabled and document.mozFullScreenElement properties are now document.fullscreenEnabled and document.fullscreenElement respectively.

The document.mozFullScreen property has no exact standard equivalent. Use document.fullscreenElement instead.

The mozfullscreenchange and mozfullscreenerror events are now fullscreenchange and fullscreenerror respectively.

Update: Due to several site compatibility issues, the unprefixed API has been disabled in the Beta and Release channels and will be re-enabled in the future. We have updated this document’s title accordingly. The unprefixed API remains enabled in the Nightly and Aurora (Developer Edition) channels so that Web developers can test their sites. Note that there is a proposal to implement document.fullscreen as the unprefixed version of document.mozFullScreen to make the transition easier.