display:-moz-box and ::-moz-tree pseudo-elements have been removed

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The non-standard -moz-box and -moz-inline-box values for the CSS display property, deprecated since Firefox 63, as well as the following non-standard CSS pseudo-elements, also deprecated since Firefox 63, are no longer available from web content as of Firefox 64.

Those were created for the Firefox user interface written in now-deprecated XUL and supported by no other browsers. No compatibility issues due to the removal have been reported so far.

  • ::-moz-tree-cell
  • ::-moz-tree-cell-text
  • ::-moz-tree-checkbox
  • ::-moz-tree-column
  • ::-moz-tree-drop-feedback
  • ::-moz-tree-image
  • ::-moz-tree-indentation
  • ::-moz-tree-line
  • ::-moz-tree-row
  • ::-moz-tree-separator
  • ::-moz-tree-twisty