Firefox-specific HTML editing UI has been disabled by default


Categories: HTML

Releases: Firefox 64, Firefox 68 ESR


The following editing UI features on the HTML rich-text editor, only implemented in Firefox so far, are now disabled by default starting from Firefox 64, as requested by the W3C Editing Task Force. These are considered deprecated and already disabled by default in Firefox Nightly and early Beta/DevEdition as of Firefox 63.

  • object resizing on <img>, <table> and absolute-positioned elements
  • inline table editing to add or remove rows and columns
  • grabber for absolute-positioned elements

Web developers can still enable these features using the document.execCommand method as below, but remember that the UI is not available in other browsers and will probably be removed from Firefox in the future.

document.execCommand('enableObjectResizing', false, true);
document.execCommand('enableInlineTableEditing', false, true);
document.execCommand('enableAbsolutePositionEditor', false, true);