-moz-touch-enabled media feature has been removed


Categories: CSS

Releases: Firefox 73, Firefox 78 ESR


The -moz-touch-enabled CSS media feature, deprecated since Firefox 71, has been removed from all channels with Firefox 73. The standard Interaction Media Features have been supported since Firefox 64, and at least 1 site was known to be not scrollable in Firefox because of the Modernizr library’s wrong detection using the non-standard media feature.

You can now use the pointer media feature instead. For example, if you have -moz-touch-enabled:1 in your media query, simply replace it with pointer:coarse.

This was the last remaining non-standard system metric media feature in Firefox. Others had already been removed with Firefox 58.

How can I test this?

This change can be tested with the compatibilty checker in our Firefox Developer Tools extension. Get it today!