Various legacy MathML features have been deprecated

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As with Firefox 70, the MathML implementation has been updated with Firefox 71 for the current MathML Core (future MathML 4) spec. The following features are now deprecated, disabled in Firefox Nightly and will be removed in the future:

  • The align attribute on the <munderover>, <munder> and <mover> elements
  • The bevelled, denomalign and numalign attributes on the <mfrac> element
  • The radical value for the <menclose> element’s notation attribute. Use the <msqrt> element instead
  • The subscriptshift and superscriptshift attributes on the <msubsup>, <msub> and <msup> elements
  • The <mfenced> element. Use the <mrow> and <mo> elements instead
  • XLink attributes on MathML elements: xlink:actuate, xlink:href, xlink:show and xlink:type. The href attribute can be used instead of xlink:href