appearance property has been unprefixed, several values have been removed


Categories: CSS

Releases: Firefox 80


The appearance CSS property is now available without a vendor prefix in Firefox 80 and later. Google Chrome 84 shipped in this July also supports the standard, unprefixed property. In Firefox, -moz-appearance and -webkit-appearance have become the pure aliases of appearance.

The new auto value can be used to make an element render natively. The following values all behave like auto:

  • button (on most elements, and soon on all elements)
  • checkbox
  • listbox
  • menulist
  • menulist-button (on all elements except for dropdown select elements)
  • meter and its alias meterbar
  • progress-bar and its alias progressbar
  • radio
  • searchfield
  • textarea and its alias textfield-multiline
  • textfield (on all elements except for search and number input fields)

In the meantime, the following values are no longer supported:

  • inner-spin-button
  • number-input
  • progressbar-vertical
  • range
  • range-thumb
  • scale-horizontal
  • scale-vertical
  • scalethumb-horizontal
  • scalethumb-vertical
  • scalethumbend
  • scalethumbstart
  • scalethumbtick
  • scrollbarthumb-horizontal
  • scrollbarthumb-vertical
  • scrollbartrack-horizontal
  • scrollbartrack-vertical

How can I test this?

This change can be tested with the compatibilty checker in our Firefox Developer Tools extension. Get it today!